type 1 organic Aida flour

the first type 1 organic flour born in Italy

Type 1, organic, stone-ground semi-wholemeal with whole germ

a real work of art

How was AIDA created

In the 2000s, I had a recurring thought…

Meeting professional bakers every day, I realised that they only used conventional refined flours.

From that day on, my aim was to reintroduce organic flours into the diet, which contained fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Insieme ai miei collaboratori decidemmo di produrre una farina tipo1, biologica, semintegrale, macinata a pietra con tutto il germe.

The greatest difficulty was precisely that of breaking the habits tied to working with refined flours. 

La lenta lavorazione a bassa temperatura rese questa farina una vera opera d’arte.

It was then that the AIDA family of flours was born.

The market immediately understood the value of my intuition and Aida continues to be a real revolution as well as the most popular product of Antico Molino Rosso.

Gaetano Mirandola.



Organic Aida 2.6


For gourmet treats or ciabatta rolls

a real work of art​

Aida 2.0 bio

W 200/220 — P/L 0,53-0,5

Type 1, organic, stone-ground semi-wholemeal with whole germ

Aida 2.0 bio

For large loaves, direct proving from 2 to 4 hours. Excellent for shortcrust pastry, with or without egg. Equally suitable for trays of pizza, round pizza prepared the same day, focaccia, rolls, brioche bread, tarts and cakes and biscuits. Moisture content from 45% to 65%.

Aida 2.5 bio

W 240/260 — P/L 0,55-0,57

Type 1, organic, stone-ground semi-wholemeal with whole germ

Aida 2.5 bio

Perfect for large loaves made with direct or semi-direct dough, proving for 6-8 hours or round and Neapolitan pizza proving for 24 hours.

Moisture content from 60 to 70%.

Excellent for the production of puff pastry in cake shops.

Aida 3.3 bio

W 320/330 — P/L 0,57-0,65

Type 1, organic, stone-ground semi-wholemeal with whole germ

Aida 3.3 bio

Suitable for ciabatta bread, baguettes and focaccia left to prove for a long time, round pizza, “paddle” pizza using the indirect method 36/72 hours.

Moisture content from 65% to 90%.

Also for panettone with the addition of 20% Manitoba flour.

In the cake shop, it is excellent for brioches and croissants.

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