We have created a line for professionals, where the essence of the raw material is unique, organic and healthy.

The art of making

The new Red Passion Patisserie Line is born!

A special line, designed and created to meet the needs of professionals, with the aim of guaranteeing excellent organic pastry.

Red represents the Passion, the one that our professional customers put and that we also put in our work, a passion that has deep roots.

Today the consumer is increasingly attentive and informed and observes scrupulously the ingredients that make up our food. Offering organic products in your pastry shop is a way to differentiate yourself, and above all to show concern for the health of your customers.

There are 3 type 0 flours dedicated to pastry, with specific characteristics, available in the 25 kg bag.

Organic flours that combine tradition and location: PANETTONE, SFOGLIA and FROLLA.



Organic flour for panettone and pandoro


W double 380 - P/L. 0,60 -
for mixtures rich in fat and liquids
Refreshments on live mother dough
Pre-kneading, multi-step method
Rising time 48/72 hours

Also suitable for the production of: pandoro, dove, brioches, fat dough with butter, croissants, baba and frozen pastry


Organic flour for puff pustry and croissants


W double 290 - P/L. 0,60 -

Designed for the production of: brioches, croissants, croissants with low fat content. Also suitable for puff pastry, millefeuille, fans and cannoli


Organic flour for frolla and brisè


W double 200 - P/L. 0,55/0,60 -

Designed for the production of: shortcrust pastry, brisè pastry, sponge cake, plum cake, donuts, paradise cake, daisy cake, "sbrisolona", tarts, sweet and savory shortcrusts, biscuits and tea pastry