The 7 stages of processing in Antico Molino Rosso


The production plant consists of 7 processing stages:

1 - STORAGE OF CEREALS The storage of Molino Rosso cereals is carried out in silos which are equipped with a ventilation system for their maintenance. Particular attention is paid to the purchase of cereals: on each new batch of wheat, before unloading, the sampling is carried out for analyzes aimed at verifying the type, quality and humidity before being destined for storage. A multiresidual analysis is carried out on each batch of cereals, which represents for our reality a focal point to guarantee the consumer. We only buy organic cereals, which obviously come from companies that use only the organic farming method.

2 - CLEANING OF THE GRAINS The primary quality of a flour is inevitably determined by a good cleaning of the cereal, before going into processing. - the first step takes place before placing the cereals in the storage silos, where the lightest impurities such as straw, insects and dust are removed;

- subsequently, before the grinding, the following cleaning steps take place such as the optical sorter, the sieve, the stone remover, the shaker, the metal detector and the brush.

3 - STONE GRINDING Millstone or stone grinding has always been the strength of Antico Molino Rosso, because it is carried out in the middle of a plant, which combines history with innovation, which represents the center for the company. of an entire organization. The low processing speed avoids overheating of the millstones, not affecting the lipid-vitamin properties of the flour, truly producing a product of recognized quality. Indeed, by means of the rubbing action, the wheat germ oil is very precious as it is rich in vitamin E (tocopherol), B vitamins, minerals and so on, impregnates the endosperm, thus making the truly excellent final product.

4 - SIEVING Depending on the finished product to be obtained, such as wholemeal, semi-wholemeal, type 0, type 1 and type 2 flours, it is possible to choose the more or less thorough level of sieving.

5 - MIXING OF BATCHES The modern mixing plant on load cells allows us to homogenize all the ground flours for each batch with precision and control. This greatly affects the quality of the product.

6 - BAGGING AND PACKAGING The Antico Molino Rosso packaging plant consists of several packaging machines: a brand new 1kg paper packaging machine, two new vertical cellophane and aluminized paper packaging machines, a valve packaging machine for 25 kg and an open mouth for the 5 kg. The packaging area is separated on its own due to the delicate process.

7 - LOGISTICS In the flours storage area there are 5 10-ton meal trays. The most refined flours are stored in each flours for sampling that is carried out before mixing and then packaging. In the flour area, in the finished goods warehouses, in the packaging area and throughout the company, there are air conditioning systems to ensure optimal temperature and humidity.


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