SIGEP 2024


✨ Let us enter the future without forgetting the past ✨

It was an intense but rewarding few days!
Many thanks to everyone who came to visit us. The interest of professionals in new Flours for Hamburger Bread of Molino Rosso far exceeded expectations 😍
Great turnout and beautiful stand!
We are delighted to see so much interest in our organic Gluten Free vegan burgers with gluten-free wholemeal bread made with our extraordinary Red Mill Gluten Free flours.
Tantissimi professionisti del settore Ho.Re.Ca. vogliono il pane Gluten Free bio prodotto con le nostre eccellenti e salutistiche farine😍
👉🏻It is the energy we gather from these occasions that drives us to change and innovate continuously, to try to better meet the needs of the market.

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