SpigaBuona® Gluten-Free Semi-Wholemeal Mix for Cakes


Da Agricoltura Biologica Certificata

Special Mix Gluten-Free for Cakes and Pastry  

Organic, semi-wholemeal, stone ground and without additives. Specifically formulated for celiac patients.

500g – 2,5 kg




The SpigaBuona® gluten-free cake mix is specially designed for people with gluten intolerance and coeliac disease, this flour mix is really good and suitable for everyone. This blend, like the other glutenfree flours, is certified gluten-free, organic, semi-integral, stone-ground and without additives (unlike conventional flours) born from the commitment and strong desire to create a genuine product suitable for everyday use.

All SpigaBuona® products, including this organic gluten-free flour for cakes, are made in the facility called House Dedicated to Organic Gluten Free: a space completely dedicated to gluten-free where the raw materials arrive and are processed and packaged by staff specialised in dealing with these products in extreme safety and guarantee of total absence of contamination.

Wholemeal rice flour, wholemeal buckwheat flour, potato flour, corn starch and guar gum flour

Recommended for:
Excellent for organic semi-wholemeal gluten-free cakes and pastry

500 g – 2,5 kg

Certified organic farming EU and non EU

Shelf Life:
12 months

Store in a cool, dry place (max 24°C / 75°F)

It may contain traces of shelled fruit and sesame

Organic Certifications:

Organismo di Controllo Autorizzato dal MiPAAF IT BIO 006
Operatore controllato E 483 Agricoltura UE / NON UE



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Antico Molino Rosso, SpigaBuona

Peso Netto

500 g, 2.5 kg


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