Semi-wholemeal Einkorn Spelt Flour


Da Agricoltura Biologica Certificata

Semi-wholemeal Einkorn Spelt flour  

Organic, semi-wholemeal and stone ground

500g – 5Kg

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The Ancient Cereals Organic Short Chain project was born in the year 2008 when Antico Molino Rosso, in collaboration with A.Ve.Pro.Bi. (Association Veneta Produttori Biologici), began the activity by selecting one of the 5 existing varieties of Farro Monococco (Small Spelt) and 2 varieties of soft wheat such as Canove and Piave. In the year 2011, the first production is about 200 quintals of Monococco Spelt and a few dozen quintals of Canove and Piave. Many activities are carried out in research and development, carried out through production tests, analysis and in particular bread-making tests in collaboration with the University of Padua within the laboratory of Antico Molino Rosso.

The rediscovery of ancient grains is an Antico Molino Rosso trump card.

Semi-wholemeal einkorn spelt flour

Recommended for:
For bread, cakes, biscuits and pizza, best when blended with wheat flours.

500g – 5Kg

Certified organic farming ITALY

Shelf Life:
12 months

Store in a cool, dry place (max 24°C / 75°F)

Contains gluten. It may contain traces of soy, and sesame seeds.

Organic Certifications:

Organismo di Controllo Autorizzato dal MiPAAF IT BIO 006
Operatore controllato E 483 Agricoltura ITALIA

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Antico Molino Rosso

Peso Netto

500 g, 5 kg


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