Aida Omega 3 – Rye & Grain With Mix Of Seeds 1kg


Da Agricoltura Biologica Certificata

Rye and grain flour handcrafted in stone, with pure flax seed extract. Source of omega 3 and omega 6. With mix of sunflower, sesame and flax seeds

Main features:
Organic, semi-wholemeal and stone-ground

1 Kg



The stone-ground Aida blend was born from the awareness of the importance of introducing on our tables a product with two peculiarities: that it can be processed like a white flour and that has the nutritional advantages similar to whole grain flours.

Aida Omega 3 Rye & Grain is a blend of high nutritional profile. The high percentage of rye, combined with the pure extract of linseed, make it a unique product of its kind. Rye is one of the best cereals, even if in Italy it is still little used. In addition to the high fibre content, which helps to regulate intestinal functions, it supplies substances such as phosphorus, calcium, vitamins of group B and E, mineral salts. In addition to this, rye contains lysine, an essential amino acid (assimilable only through food) that is very important for our body.

This package includes 1kg of Aida Rye & Grain flour and 150g of sunflower, sesame and flax seeds for decoration.

Soft wheat flour, wholemeal rye flour, pure flax seed extract and toasted barley malt flour

Usage instructions:
Excellent for bread in a box, perhaps decorated with sunflower seeds, sesame and flax

1 Kg

Certified organic farming UE / NON-UE

Shelf life:
8 months

Storage instructions:
Store in a cool, dry place (Max 24°C)

It contains gluten. It may contain traces of soy, nuts and sesame.

Allergens for AIDA RYE & GRAIN SEEDS:
It contains sesame. It may contain traces of gluten, nuts and soy.

Organic certifications:

Organismo di Controllo Autorizzato dal MiPAAF IT BIO 006

Operatore controllato E 483 Agricoltura UE / NON UE

Additional information

Weight 1.150 kg

Antico Molino Rosso


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