Professional Demonstrations

Brief themed programs for the presentation and tasting of products made with flours from Antico Molino Rosso

Store Demos

BioAcademy dimostrazioni professionali

Training programs devoted to the organic store, to educate about the products of Antico Molino Rosso and help the stores expand their business.

AIDA Segale & Grano (Rye and Wheat)

The family of AIDA semi-wholegrain organic flour grows: Rye & Wheat provides the nutritional advantages of rye and the easier processing of all-purpose wheat flour.

AIDA Professional


Professional demonstration with AIDA flour for bakers and pizzerias.

The Mill

A great wholegrain bread, rich in seeds, fragrance and flavor. Directly from our stone millers, a blend of all-purpose wheat flour, rye and barley, all organic, of course. A unique, new flavor.


A light, crisp bread, ideal for a quick break, a happy hour cocktail or a snack! A blend of all-purpose wheat flour, wholegrain barley and wheat germ, all organically grown.

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