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Video review at Antico Molino Rosso

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The advantages of BIO flour for … Angelo, Cantine de L’Arena

Biodiversity Day
24 Maggio 2018

Also this year Antico Molino Rosso was the protagonist of the Biodiversity Day, in collaboration with the Agricultural Institute Stefani Bentegodi of Buttapietra, which for the first year included the subject matter of Organic Agriculture and an ITS of post-diploma specialization. In the conference held in the morning at the Agricultural Institute, Gaetano Mirandola dealt with the theme of the transformation of ancient cereals into a short chain. At the end, all the participants, on a pleasant walk through the experimental fields of the Agrario, were able to get to know and appreciate the variety of crops up close, until they reached Molino, where they were welcomed with a refined organic lunch. In support of the table service, the Carnacina Hotel Institute of Bardolino intervened, with which Antico Molino Rosso has for years established a fruitful partnership.

Organic Agriculture and Biodiversity
16 Maggio 2018

Gaetano Mirandola participated in the conference organized by some territorial associations and Caritas of Piacenza on the theme “Organic Agriculture – A choice for Biodiversity, for a sustainable economy and for health”. His speech focused on the risks of agriculture contaminated by the massive use of pesticides and on the advantages of choosing products coming only from organic agriculture.

March Stop Pesticides Verona
13 Maggio 2018

Il 13 Maggio 2018 è stata una giornata significativa per il nostro territorio, migliaia di persone si sono unite in 3 città per marciare insieme a favore di un’agricoltura più sicura per le persone e per l’ambiente. Da Cison a Follina, in provincia di Treviso, dal lago di Caldaro, in provincia di Bolzano e da San Pietro in Cariano, in provincia di Verona, una voce unanime contro l’avvelenamento del suolo, attraverso l’utilizzo massivo di pesticidi. Gaetano Mirandola e la sua famiglia erano presenti per rappresentare l’impegno di Antico Molino Rosso per la difesa dell’ambiente.

Natural Nutrition – My Pharmacy
26 Aprile 2018

My Pharmacy in Verona organized a meeting on the benefits of natural food, which was attended by Gaetano Mirandola and Daniele Ierardi, bakery technician of Antico Molino Rosso. Gaetano Mirandola spoke about the ancient grains and their importance for biodiversity and health, offering participants some semi-wholemeal bread made with the Aurora blend.

Medicine to eat
1 Marzo 2018

“Medicine to eat”: a meeting full of information and invaluable advice from Dr. Franco Berrino who praised the nutritional qualities and taste of our bread made with the flour of Grani Antichi Gentil Rosso and Aurora, grown in our experimental fields. We have always shared and promoted the Professor’s advice to consume as much Wholemeal Cereals as possible preferably from Organic Farming and plant-based foods of the Mediterranean Diet, to take care of our health.

The Taste of the Right Wheat
17 Gennaio 2018

Gaetano Mirandola spoke about the delicate and fundamental theme of Biodiversity, which has always been at heart at Antico Molino Rosso, during the meeting “The Taste of the Right Wheat” organized by Slow Food Oglio Po. An event of considerable interest, which touches on priority topics importance and usefulness for all.

Know to Grow
27-28 Novembre 2017

A two-day event with at the center the Training on Organic Agriculture and the Neapolitan Pizza which was held in Naples at the pizzeria Sua Maestà La Pizza founded by Maestro Vincenzo Varlese. The seminar aimed to raise awareness of the characteristics, advantages and benefits deriving from the use of semi-wholemeal type 1 (Aida 3.3), tip2, wholemeal and multigrain flours. There was great participation of professional pizza chefs and involvement on the topics covered.

We cultivate diversity
23 Settembre 2017

For the second consecutive year Antico Molino Rosso, in collaboration with the Veneto Association of Organic Producers, has dedicated a day to the promotion and dissemination of the culture related to Ancient Cereals and their importance for the environment and for our health. All those present at the event were involved in an organoleptic test with a taste of six types of bread prepared by the company’s bakery technicians and industry professionals invited for the occasion.

Paws in the Green
17 Settembre 2017

We hosted the second edition of “Zampette nel Verde” with great pleasure. The party, organized by the Animalisti Verona Onlus association, was full of fun and interesting activities for young and old, accompanied by inseparable 4-legged friends, true protagonists of the day. All proceeds were donated to the association to help and support all animals in difficulty.

SpigaBuona Gluten Free Day
28 Luglio 2017

The House Dedicated to Organic Gluten Free has opened its doors to present the plant to all those who, out of need or curiosity towards a natural and gluten-free diet, want to know the world of production of the certified and organic SpigaBuona gluten-free line. It was a very pleasant summer evening, animated by live music and enriched by a special Aperitif with lots of goodies.

The seeds of the future and the future of seeds
4 Aprile 2017

Great participation in the conference at the S.Bentegodi Institute with prof. geneticist Salvatore Ceccarelli. Gaetano Mirandola, owner of Antico Molino Rosso, also took part in the debate, who delved into the theme of ancient organic cereals, dry yeast, presenting the tasting of the breads prepared with mixtures of ancient and modern cereals by our Bakery Daniele Ierardi. It was a real pleasure to see the involvement and interest of the guys present.

Vinitaly and the City
7-11 Aprile 2017

Also this year Vinitaly and the City was a very successful event and we were there in collaboration with IPSAR Carnacina, with whom we have made a solid partnership. With high professionalism and discipline they contributed to the full realization of the whole event.

Rete 4 – Italian recipes
10 Maggio 2017

The Italian recipes transmission of Rete 4 dedicated an exclusive service to our mill selected among the excellence of the Veneto region. Antico Molino Rosso presented its Bio World with stone-ground flours and SpigaBuona certified and organic gluten-free products. Good vision!