Experimental field ancient grains

campo sperimentale grani antichi

Passing by our company in Buttapietra (Verona), the most attentive will have noticed a beautiful sown lawn that is reaching maturity.

A lawn obtained by following the strict "guidelines" of organic farming.

This meadow is the “ Experimental Field of Antico Molino Rosso ”, where almost a dozen different varieties of Ancient Grains have been sown . A "meltin pot" of crop varieties that contain unchanged the genetic makeup from their birth (some thousands of years ago) to today.

Crops that have not been affected by the excessive economic development to the detriment of the quality and health of consumers. Especially in the last thirty years, some companies have offered themselves to the farmers of our plains, proposing "ad hoc" seeds that could bring greater economic profit for human needs: May production of seeds, greater yield in the transformation into finished products and greater resistance to pathogens that can sometimes affect crops.

Antico Molino Rosso specifically wanted to dedicate part of its land to the production of Ancient Grains.

The purpose of this cultivation mixture is to keep alive the primordial genetics of ancient grains and to be able to offer on the market products that benefit from the exclusive benefits of the different individual varieties.

Antico Molino Rosso increasingly “excellent organic”.


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