200 multiresidual analyzes per year guarantee our true organic



In the year 2019, 199 multi-residual analyzes were carried out in our company, Antico Molino Rosso.

What is a multi-residual analysis? The multi-residual method is a screening of the product being analyzed, in our case cereals, which must be carried out by a laboratory outside the Accredia accredited company.

More precisely, the external laboratory analyzes and detects the presence or absence of approximately 500 active ingredients, which are the ingredients that make up pesticides, pesticides, pesticides and selective herbicides absolutely prohibited in organic agriculture and allowed in conventional agriculture.

It can also be deduced that in the organic farming regime, companies are subjected to continuous inspections, within which two activities are mainly carried out:

  1. The first concerns the collection of sample products, which the certifying body analyzes at its trusted laboratories, always accredited ACCREDIA, to detect any presence of pesticides. In fact, a biological product, unlike a conventional one, must not contain any trace of chemical residue, otherwise, in addition to being sanctioned administratively, it can be prosecuted criminally.
  2. The second concerns the control of the loading and unloading directors, the invoices of the suppliers, the sales invoices and finally the inventories, with absolute precision to verify that all the data crossed with each other correspond.

Who is Accredia?

Accredia is the body designated by the Italian government to certify the competence, independence and impartiality of the bodies and laboratories that verify the compliance of goods and services with the standards.

The role of Accredia as an authority super partes, the Accreditation Body guarantees the reliability of the services provided by the bodies and laboratories, and carries out a service of public interest.

As an independent third party, Accredia guarantees compliance with the standards by accredited bodies and laboratories, and the reliability of the certificates of conformity issued by them on the market, carrying out a service to protect the health and safety of people and ‘environment.

As regards instead the self-control system of Antico Molino Rosso, it provides:

  • multi-residual analysis for each batch of incoming goods
  • analysis on glyphosate, carried out and paid for separately by Antico Molino Rosso, not mandatory we buy cereals only from biodedicated farms (i.e. from farms that grow only organic and unconventional and organic together)
  • we buy cereals only from biodedicated farms (i.e. from farms that grow only organic and unconventional and organic together)

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